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Romney Pays 15 % in Fed Taxes

In a spirited press conference just now in Florence, S.C., Mitt Romney made news on several fronts. Here are the highlights:
– Romney said he “probably” pays only about fifteen p.c in federal taxes because most of his earnings come back from capital gains, that is taxed at a lower rate than ancient income. this suggests the super wealthy Romney pays a significantly lower tax rate than most middle income Americans.
– He sharpened his answer on releasing his tax return in April because, he says, that’s the precedent and it’ll enable him to release the current year return, not earlier years.
– In other words: Romney plans to release only his 2011 return and will do it after the key primaries are over.

– By the approach, President Obama released his tax returns in March 2008, well before he clinched the Democratic nomination. And George W. Bush, as governor of Texas, released his returns before he was even a candidate.

– Romney explained his claim of making quite one hundred,000 jobs at Bain: Add up ALL the job now at the four largest corporations Bain helped begin (Staples, etc), that is a hundred and twenty,000, and subtract the ten,000 jobs lost at Bain corporations that went underneath and you have, voila, quite one hundred,000 jobs.
– He came out definitively against non-public accounts for Social Security (Newt Gingrich’s set up and one thing favored by many conservatives) because they might leave a hole in the Social Security trust fund (an argument usually made by Democrats).
– He hammered Rick Santorum again for favoring voting rights for felons and said his Super PAC ad on that’s correct.
– on a daily basis after he seemingly criticized Super PACs, nowadays he defended them and said he encourages those who supported him. it’s the law that’s the matter, not the Super PACs, he said.
– He recited a litany of subjects on that he disagrees with both Gingrich and Santorum.




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