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Criminal Law Cases

The media has been inundated with huge and sensational criminal law cases. Many people have heard of these sorts of cases; however the lesser known civil law case leaves many people baffled. What’s the distinction between a criminal law case and a civil law case? the explanation the criminal law cases get such huge coverage are that they’re typically rather more sensational and find the type of talk generated that news stories are supposed to do. Civil cases, by comparison, do not have as many surprising twists and turns and also the stakes don’t seem to be nearly as high. However there are even additional variations between the 2 types of cases, as you’ll see.

Most Victorian criminal law cases are heard in the Magistrates’ Court. This court has the jurisdiction to listen to all summary offences (those punishable by up to 2 years’ imprisonment, such as drink driving and driving while suspended) and all indictable offences triable summarily. Your criminal lawyers Melbourne are able to offer you further advice as to whether your charges are possible to be heard in this court. If you have been charged with an additional serious offence such as rape or culpable driving, the costs may initially be heard in the Magistrates’ Court for committal proceedings before proceeding to trial in the County Court or Supreme Court of Victoria.

Criminal offence is the infringement of law which can end in causing an injury to the community. If an individual violates a law causing hurt to the public, he or she is charged with a criminal offence. Such an individual requires a strong illustration in the court of law. So, he or she has to hire a criminal lawyer to defend himself.


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